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2015 Wisconsin Economics Challenge

State winners will be announced April 7. National Semifinals will occur April 14.

Congratulations to the 2015 State of Wisconsin winning teams!

  1. First place - Adam Smith - Wilmot Union High School / Team The Barriers to Entry (Samantha Schroeder, Brendan Buhler, Rebecca Boyle, Ethan Dowell)
  2. Second place – Adam Smith – Badger High School / Team Born Ready (Sam Lasch, Aleah Haworth, Gaven Dooley, Alex Kuik)
  3. Third place – Adam Smith – New Richmond High School / Team Rock-on Econ (Elliot Smallidge, Anna Starks, Allyson Halonen, James Early)


  1. First place – David Ricardo – Nicolet High School / Team Ricky’s Ricardo (Pam Mann, Quinn Rosen, Nell Murphy)
  2. Second place – David Ricardo – Seymour High School / Team Preferred Stock (Frank VanEss, Michaela Thurow, Kort Driessen, Cassie Piette)
  3. Third place – David Ricardo – Kettle Moraine High School / Team The Marxmen (Niklas Vakil, Trevor Ross, Nicholas Patnode)

Full listing of challenge winners!

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Past Challenge Winners!


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