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Teacher Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

EconomicsWisconsin and its Centers for Economic Education offer development programs and workshops to help teachers pass on economic information to their students in a fun and educational way.  These workshops focus on Council for Economic Education curricula and help guide teachers in streamlining these teachings in their present curriculum.






Common Sense Economics for Life August 21, 2014 Learn about this powerful (and free!) course package developed by a team of master teachers. The presenters will also explain how it can be treansferred to the course management system of your school. Please make sure to bring a laptop! More...

Registration is $50 and includes curriculum and course package.

Get Your Students Pumped Up on Personal Finance and Economics! October 17 This one-day conference will offer four concurrent sessions on teaching personal finance and economics in K-12 classrooms. More... Registration is $95.
Register today!
Money Talks - LaCrosse, WI October 24 This one-day conference for 6th - 12th grade educators offers engaging presentations to help bring you up to date on some of today's most important personal finance and economics issues. More...

Registration is $25.
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Financial Fitness for Life   Financial Fitness for Life®(FFFL) is a comprehensive personal finance curriculum that teaches students how to make thoughtful, well-informed decisions about important aspects of personal finance. More...  
25th Annual ASET Conference December 5, 2014 This one-day conference consists of a series of presentations to help bring you up to date on some of today's most important personal finance and economics issues. More... Registration is $50.
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STEM Workshop: Teaching Economics through Math and Science

February 6, 2014 Middle and High school teachers will discover how economics is connected to STEM-based education in this workshop. More...  
Teaching Personal Financial Literacy and Economics Standards in High School Math Classes February 20, 2015 The workshop will be led by math teachers who have been instrumental in moving personal finance content into the math curriculum within their district. More...  

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Upcoming Student Programs






Grades 4 - 12 Stock Market Simulation 10 Week or School Year Challenge Stock Market Simulation. More... Registration begins August 2014. More...
Grades 4 - 12

SMS Essay Contest

Turn what you are learning about the stock market into cash! More... Entries need to be received by 1 week before the last day of trading. More...
Grades 9-12 Community Economic Exploration Project

EconomicsWisconsin seeks to encourage students to acquire an awareness of the economic realities in their local communities while also helping them acquire important skills that will serve them well in the global challenges of the 21st Century. Through this project, student teams will research and investigate the components of their local economic community by identifying major aspects of that economy. More...

Project submissions due April 2015.
Grades 9-12 Economics Challenge It's back! The head to head high school competition is set! More... Registration FREE and will open in the Spring!


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